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Wednesday, March 17, 1999


Kosova is Albanian

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Kosova is Albanian

Re: Serbian Kosovo, March 11

To the Editor:
After reading Alexander Sutic's letter "Serbian Kosovo forever" I felt obligated to respond to the blatant misinformation he spewed.

First of all, it is the Albanians (composing over 90 per cent of the population in Kosova) who are being victimized and not the Serbs. It is not mangled Serbian bodies found in mass graves, rather those of civilian Albanians. I am not saying some Serbians have not been killed, but their numbers are not even comparable with the number of murdered Albanians.

Secondly, Sutic states "the uncooperative Albanian terrorists" are to blame for the failure of the peace accord. I am not sure where this guy gets his facts, but the United States secretary of state Madeline Albright has repeatedly stated it is the Serbs and not the Albanians who are being unco-operative.

Until recently the Albanians had been upholding a policy of non-violence. However, the Serbians disregard for the most basic human rights led to the demise of the Albanian stance of non-violence. Currently in Kosova Albanians are being ethnically cleansed, their universities have been shut down and their jobs have been taken away.

Sutic also claims the KLA has "expansionist aims." This could not be any further from the truth. The Albanian people do not wish to be part of a "greater Albania," they only want autonomy.

Finally sweet Alexander, as a political science major you should be aware of the fact that Albanians did not immigrate into the Balkans. Albanians who are the direct descendants of the ancient Illyrians have always been there. The Albanians have done nothing to perpetuate or promote the disdainful image the Serbians have acquired. The Serbians can thank themselves.

Kosova was Albanian. Kosova is Albanian. Kosova will be Albanian forever.

Lori Semsedini
Geography IV
Valentina Shemshedini
Psychology III

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