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Wednesday, March 17, 1999


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Debating merits of the Bible

Debating merits of the Bible

Re: Enlightenment, March 11

To the Editor:
I wish to assure Cindy Clark I am most secure in my beliefs with respect to geological concepts and how these relate to the Bible, a book which I have been reading for decades.

My beef with Warren Flood is he wrote that God gave us a brain to think (the command to "think" is mentioned at least two dozen times in Proverbs) and yet he attributes statements which I am certain he knows are false. He did not think. I was tempted to send him an epistle that he is attending an institution where thinking is encouraged, but he failed. Maybe he should take a sabbatical.

But debating in The Gazette is a waste of paper. May I suggest The Gazette or the chaplains or some creditable organization arrange a public forum with a panel of speakers to elucidate the merits – and demerits – of the Bible.

Remember, the Bible has been "in print" since 1456 and the New American Standard Version (about $10) is available today in the campus BookStore. I recommend every student have knowledge of this enduring volume. However, be forewarned, it may have an influence on your life – for the better.

I would welcome an invitation to contribute some of the insights of how the Bible and geological and other scientific concepts, can be related positively. Interested students may wish to consult my web page at http://publish.uwo.ca/~cwinder/. But be cautious, some new ideas are included and will require the reader to think.

C. Gordon Winder
Professor Emeritus of Geology

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