Volume 92, Issue 90

Thursday, March 18, 1999


Student fee increases passed

USC communications officer calls it quits

Fee may be cut for legal services

London police close in on T.J. Baxter's bomber

Charges laid in latest London stabbing

Parental care receives financial boost


Caught on campus

USC communications officer calls it quits

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

Warren Tilston, communications officer for the University Students' Council, stepped down from his position last night due to "irreconcilable moral quandaries" which prevented him from adequately fulfilling his job.

"I believe in student politics with all my heart. I believe that students must control their educational destinies. Unfortunately, when given such a narrow scope in which to exist and in which to hold influence, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve one's objectives," Tilston said in his resignation speech.

He said while he was displeased with many aspects of his position, he would not disclose the specific details of what prompted him to resign.

"Unfortunately I am bound by a fiduciary responsibility and a fine thing called 'confidentiality,'" Tilston said. "Most of my differences with the board [of directors] stem from confidential matters."

Tilston cited personal conflicts and internal matters which rendered him unable to complete his job to its fullest potential. He expressed displeasure with the USC budget as well as changes which had been proposed to the communications officer portfolio.

"The timing was just based on the fact it was time to resign," Tilston said. "It is very difficult to fulfill your objectives when the tools and the resources are not available for your use."

Ian Armour, USC president, would not comment on what the irreconcilable differences were, but said it is normal for everyone to have conflict.

"I'm not going to put Warren on the chopping block," Armour said. "We've all had conflicts and disagreements with each other."

Following Tilston's speech, Armour handed Tilston a letter. "It just reminded him that he is bound by confidentiality," Armour said.

Armour added he thought the resignation came as the result of a board of directors discussion Tuesday. "From those discussions Warren resigned," he said. "I'm not aware of conflict [between Tilston] and other [USC] members."

When asked if he thought Tilston's resignation implied conflict within the USC, Armour refused to comment except to say it was Tilston who ultimately determined his own stance on USC relations.

Renee DesRivieres, Brescia College residence councillor, said she thought it was unfortunate Tilston decided not to finish his term. "He made mistakes, but I didn't think they were that severe. He may have confused people, but no one got hurt," she said.

Chris Sinal, Huron College residence councillor, said the resignation caught him off guard. "I think it was something personal for him – something he had to decide on his own."

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