Volume 92, Issue 90

Thursday, March 18, 1999


Notions which have some flaws

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Atrium flags aren't really flags

Notions which have some flaws

Re: Serbian Kosovo forever, March 11

To the Editor:

Alexander Sutic's notion that the ethnic Albanians are the cause for the violence in Kosovo is obviously flawed, hence the recent peace accord signed between the Albanians and NATO this Monday.

The Serbian president and Mr. Sutic, on the other hand, seem to share a mutual interest in prolonging this war until more innocent people die, all in the name of a territory which consists of 90 per cent ethnic Albanians.

Mr. Sutic's claim that the Albanians were Nazi collaborators is ironic, considering how the Serbs slaughtered thousands of Muslim men, women and children in Srebrenica in 1995 (one of many examples of genocide by the Serbs).

I also urge Mr. Sutic to brush up on his researching skills instead of making ignorant comments which are obviously false and insulting to both sides.

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