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Thursday, March 18, 1999


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It's time to hear the truth

Re: Iraq Day events

To the Editor:

They say ignorance is bliss, but I beg to differ.

This past week several speakers came to talk about the sanctions imposed on Iraq. Not being a political buff, nor an Arab, I was drawn to the whole event out of mere curiosity. I wondered why there would be such an uprising over something which is totally justifiable? Holding that frame of mind was my biggest faux-pas.

I was exposed to a population on the verge of annihilation, a people denied basic human rights. A country starved of necessary medicines, food and repair, amongst other things. And this has been going on since the beginning of the decade, but only brought to my attention now. Why?

Watching CNN, BBC, Newsworld and other news network mammoths had led me to believe that I knew what was going on in the world, in a concise, objective manner. Yet the truth I sought was far from attained.

American President Bill Clinton's address to the Americans, bombings in Baghdad, etc., were all I heard. Not once is it brought to one's attention that thousands of innocent people are dying or leading substandard lives because of these barbaric sanctions.

Plenty of news unrelated to the United States is given plenty of TV coverage, such as the starving victims in Africa or Latin America. Yet the minute big shots like the U.S. or Britain might be responsible for some human atrocity, such as the current Iraqi situation, not a peep is heard of it in the media and us Westerners blindly continue to believe we're the good guys.

The Iraq Day speakers made me realize we're not always the good guys. I have been educated upon a topic which I had long passed judgment upon and now I must seriously reconsider.

It's just a shame their words won't reach everyone out there who has yet to hear the truth.

David ClercSocial Science III

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