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Friday, March 19, 1999


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Stardom dawns on Eve 6

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Stardom dawns on Eve 6

Photo by Dan Winters

THE RECIPE FOR MUSICAL ACCLAIM: ONE GIANT, ONE SURFER AND ONE MIDGET. Rockers Eve 6 will be cooking at the Embassy on Sunday night.

By Aaron Wherry

Gazette Staff

Is there anything left for hard-partying, establishment-hating, true rock fans to love in today's music world? Have the candy-ass, bubble-gum boy-bands taken over?

Not if you believe bands like punk/pop rockers Eve 6 represent the future of rock. Harkening back to the myth and legend of bands like the Sex Pistols, these California rockers have road war stories which would impress even Keith Richards and Mick Jagger.

Take, for instance, the tale of the boneheaded bouncer in the chaotic cafe.

"We were playing this little coffee shop very early on and they weren't used to having a lot of people. So they hired this security guard who had no idea what he was doing," explains Jon Siebels, guitarist for Eve 6. "He was pushing people around and the crowd started to get on him. The next thing you know we're on our last song and everyone starts running out the door. I noticed I was coughing and it turns out the guy had maced the entire crowd."

This was truly an omen of the events to follow. A few years later, Eve 6 had progressed to the point of having their own tour bus, when disaster struck again. In a rather discouraging event, their bus caught fire and burnt to the ground. Luckily, none of the band were on board and their losses were minimal.

"We lost some electrical and recording equipment, along with a ton of clothes, a computer printer and a cell phone," Siebels relates.

Somehow the band was able to soldier on without these necessities of life and continue their tour with fellow bad ass rock stars, Third Eye Blind.

But touring allowed them to gain valuable insight into the ways of the world – such as the finer points of drinking alcohol on university campuses.

"You have to put alcohol in red plastic cups because you can't be wandering around campus with open bottles," Siebels advises.

In addition to this new found knowledge, Eve 6 has been exposed to the ways of the road, through their experiences with bands such as Third Eye Blind and The Marvelous 3.

"We did two months on our own and then six months with Third Eye Blind and it was just awesome. We could use their production team and play in front of a lot of people," Siebels says. "The biggest thing we've learned is how to conduct a show. Everything was just very professional with them. Dealing with a larger crowd is so much different and we really learned how to deal with all the intangibles of touring with them."

They've also stumbled upon one of the vital factors in surviving as a band – evolving with time. Since their beginnings as a punk rockers, the group have moved more towards the world of pop rock while still staying true to their punk roots.

"I think two things contributed to the change," Siebels says. "One being we were kind of getting bored of it. But also our musical influences began to change."

Influences such as Chuck Berry and Brian Setzer have lead them down the path to stardom, but these road warriors are not going to settle with just being rock stars.

"I guess it all depends on what you think a rock star would be. But we're not going to sit back or rest on our laurels. We're not satisfied."

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