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Friday, March 19, 1999


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Sno Jam ready to be Gobbed on

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WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WIND MACHINE IS SET ON "HURRICANE." Gob blows into Call the Office on Sunday night. Windbreakers will be provided at the door.

By Shawn Despres

Gazette Staff

How far punk rock takes Gob is unknown, as the four piece punk band prepares to take their music and their careers to the next level.

With a new album, new management and some good opportunities arising, Gob will be entering the new millennium on a high note – providing they manage to stay alive.

Upon the completion of an east coast tour a couple of weeks ago, the band sustained some substantial injury. "We were in a killer snow storm in northern New Brunswick and almost died when we hit a patch of black ice in our rented van and trailer. Three of us woke up to Craig [Wood, bassist] yelling 'hold on guys,'" laughs singer-guitarist Theo Goutzinakis.

"The trailer came up and hit the side of the van and broke the windows. Then a pick-up truck slammed into the trailer. It was pretty crazy."

The band is currently on tour in support of their latest release, How Far Shallow Takes You. They will be showcasing some of their new material this Sunday at Call the Office during their fast-paced, energetic live show as part of Sno Jam V.

The new album features a more developed Gob. The music is more aggressive and heavier than past work and features much better songwriting. "A lot of people have said that the album is more mature sounding. It's a lot different than Too Late... No Friends, but it still maintains some humour and stuff is like that."

Having a sense of humour is one thing the band doesn't have to worry about, as Goutzinakis relates a story about a phone call to a bandmate who needed guidance.

"[Woods] said 'I'm beating off but I can't cum, what do I do?' I told him to grab a porno mag and beat his dick against the wall or something. So he said he'd call me back in five minutes and tell me how he did."

Gob has just finished recording a video for their new single "What to Do." The video features work from some prominent Vancouver actors. Directed by Jason Priestly, it stars Terry David Mulligan, who blew off an interview with Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro to do the video.

"Priestly was at the Nettwerk offices and Jay [Clark, Gob's manager] gave him a copy of our new CD. Jay said that we were preparing to do a new video and he said that he'd be up for doing it," Goutzinakis says.

"When we heard this we were like 'Are you kidding? What the fuck would he want to do with us?' Jason is such a great guy though. He was really motivated and put his heart into it right from the beginning and he did it for free."

The video, which features a Jerry Springer theme, should hit airwaves in the next couple of months. Until then, Gob will continue to tour. After Sno Jam V, the band will possibly be heading down to the United States before tackling Edgefest and the Warped Tour. After that, they plan to do more Canadian dates and will hopefully get to tour Europe as well.

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