Volume 92, Issue 91

Friday, March 19, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Talbot Yankees team hits one out of the park

Stardom dawns on Eve 6

Quick wit has Eisen risin'

These flys refuse to be sheep

Dubtribe too systematic; April's showers too cute

Sno Jam ready to be Gobbed on

Celebrity sightings


Celebrity sightings

©Randy Quan/Gazette

YUUUCCCKKK! Scaring the beejeezes out of an unsuspecting tree-hugger, Oscar the Grouch popped out of a garbage can this week in the University Community Centre. It appears his wormy sidekick Slimy inched away without leaving a note and Oscar is trying desperately to find him. Sources say this is actually fourth-year visual arts student Brahm Wiseman, but he has denied the allegations. Another celebrity sighting will go unconfirmed. If you see a celebrity look-alike on campus, contact The Gazette right away!

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