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Tilston would have been fired by USC

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Warren Tilston's resignation as the University Students' Council's communications officer on Wednesday may have simply prevented the inevitable.

If Tilston did not submit his resignation in Wednesday's USC meeting, it is likely four of the five USC board of director members would have had him removed from the position. USC President Ian Armour was the only person who refused to comment on whether he would have had Tilston removed.

Tilston admitted he was no longer pleased with his performance which he linked to a mutual disassociation between board members and himself. "I didn't feel I was properly representing students," he said.

Even though the communications officer position would have ended within six weeks, the board believed the matter had to be addressed.

Melissa Cousineau, VP-student affairs, said she recognized Tilston was not happy in his position. "I think he did the best thing for both him and the board," she said.

Still, Cousineau was also critical of Tilston's performance. "When we spend thousands of dollars for directories and they sit in the basement [of the University Community Centre] then that is not responsible."

"[Tilston] has to realize that you have to follow the rules," said VP-finance David Small.

After one year the communications officer position is being considered by the board of directors to be restructured which was one of the "moral quandaries" Tilston had with the board.

Armour said he would like to see the title of the position change to public relations officer. "There is a strong stigmatism attached to that position," Armour explained.

He added the future of the communications officer attending board meetings will also have to be examined. "It's a waste of that person's time." Armour said he hopes to present the changes to council on March 31.

Tilston was critical of any proposal to change the structure of the communications officer position. "I think it's extremely short sighted if this board is talking about restructuring a board of directors position. After one year I don't think they can properly distinguish between the position and the person filling the position."

Tilston recommended the board wait a minimum of three years to make a proper examination of the position.

Also opposing the change was Nick Iozzo, VP-education. "This is absolutely the wrong time and wrong year to be doing this with the impending call of a provincial election."

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