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Friday, March 19, 1999


Question political education promises

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Question political education promises

Re: McGuinty promises education will be at platform forefront, March 11

To the Editor:
I was quite taken back while reading the article on McGuinty's educational promises. It seems another Liberal enjoys teetering on the "popularity fence," answering to the cries and whims of the people. This time the Liberals are playing the education card trying to get our votes by making us think they "understand the issues" (as Ian Armour puts it).

I like to think that our USC president believes the Liberals are trying to make good on their claims. The government "understands the issues" of homelessness (as an example) but doesn't really do much about it. The question is, do you really think they will do something about education?

To quote Armour, "The only things that McGuinty would commit to is a tuition freeze, re-regulation of tuition and the abolition of residence fees for medical students." Well what about undergrads? I'm not sure of the numbers, but I understand undergraduates make up roughly over 90 per cent of the university population throughout the province.

My point is simple. The government only wants to give benefits to the few (meds) and not the overwhelmingly majority (undergrads).

I think it is great (sarcastically) to have a tuition freeze, especially after our tuition has increased 20 per cent in two years (10 per cent this year and 10 per cent next year). It is not a bad offer to Band-aid our tuition woes.

I suggest again we should be very careful to judge whether McGuinty has the solution. He has not revealed the specific details of the Liberal platform or his own agenda. Don't be fooled when a politician "guarantees" something; especially when McGuinty "guarantees post secondary education would be at the forefront."

Does this statement not scare you?

Lastly, I was discouraged to read that our USC president believes that McGuinty came to meet with them (USC board of directors) before formulating his platform. Didn't McGuinty say he was unable to reveal the details of the Liberal platform? Now he is suggesting the platform is not formulated? Who is he trying to fool?

The answer is obvious – US!

Jeff Shareck
Psychology II

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