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Friday, March 19, 1999


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Re: Elimination of racism

To the Editor:
Racism is one of those topics which causes controversy and difficult situations everywhere. This is precisely the reason why Western has always had a great interest in maintaining a multicultural community where everyone is left feeling comfortable.

During the past few days there have been a number of assemblies and presentations held in the atrium where different ethnic groups have displayed their views and opinions about the diversity we all share within the Western community, Canada and the world.

It is incredible how students from different backgrounds can come together and make an event such as Cultural Caravan both entertaining and educational.

However, although racism may be discredited and boycotted by many students at Western, there are those who still have negative views towards people because of their race, ethnic group or religion.

Everyone at Western has, at one time or another, witnessed an act of racism on campus. As understanding young adults with open-minded mentalities, we should try to stop any racist act or opinion.

It seems, however, that racism is not the topic of conversation, as people are afraid of the hot issues it brings up or just don't care.

For the student body to work well and thrive together, we must put away petty differences and both accept and celebrate the diversity which exists in all of us.

Although we live in a society where there are prejudices and stereotypes, there is an occasion on March 21, when Western's student community will be celebrating International Day for the elimination of racism, showing respect, equality and diversity.

Preet Virdee
Race Relations Commissioner

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