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Friday, March 19, 1999


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Ireland's flag?

Re: Disfigured flags are a disgrace, March 16

To the Editor:
I fully agree with Mr. Ross' stance on grafittied or disfigured flags, although it has come to my attention some "countries" have missed out on Cultural Caravan Week. Like anyone coming from Irish/Scottish descent, I looked upward in the University Community Centre atrium to see the flags of nations which are represented by the students of Western above my head.

Although I do respect the effort which was put into the display, I could not help but think about what I saw and what I didn't see. As I could see, the Cross of St. George, the identifying flag of Scotland, was in full view for the public.

Although Scotland has about as much power in the United Kingdom as Ontario has in Canada and is not an actual country, I am still grateful that Scotland was thought of. But for some reason, through all my excitement, I could not see the tricolour flag of the Republic of Ireland.

I could have been blinded for that brief moment of all the beautiful colours of the other flags that attended, but as hard as I could I did not see stripes of green, white and orange standing vertically from left to right. It seemed to me it was more important to show a flag which I believe is the standard of Queen Elizabeth II, with its centralized "E," encircled in a gold ring topped with a crown, on top of the shield of the Commonwealth, than it is to have a flag of an actual country. Do the Queen's relatives attend our fair university?

It would seem with the recent celebrations of St. Patrick's Day, the University Students' Council would make sure that the Eire was represented well. But of course, that's just politics.

Kevin Wilson
Engineering I

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