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Tuesday, March 23, 1999


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Election ousts SOGS incumbent

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

The votes are in and the Society of Graduate Students has a new president-elect.

In a week-long tallying process which finished last Friday, graduate students voted in Susan McDonald, a PhD English student, as their president for the 1999/2000 term.

"I'm very pleased there was such a high voter turnout. This means students are becoming more responsible and more active. I was very encouraged," McDonald said.

Ritu Kothari, chief returning officer for SOGS, said she was happy with the way the election was handled. "The election went off with no hitches," she said, adding she too was pleased to find the voter turnout much higher than expected.

Kothari said of the 182 votes cast, McDonald received 129 while Kelly Barrowcliffe, the incumbent, got 64 votes.

Although McDonald and Kothari were content with the election, Barrowcliffe was not so pleased. "I'm disappointed and concerned because I think there were some problems with the way the election was run. I put in a lot of hard work that went unnoticed," she said.

Barrowcliffe explained the elections did not have any advanced polling, which is a violation of the SOGS constitution.

Still, Barrowcliffe was pleased with her achievements as SOGS president over the past year and added several issues such as graduate student tuition and ancillary fees need further discussion.

Barrowcliffe hinted at a possible appeal of the election results.

McDonald said she would pick up where Barrowcliffe left off on issues such as ancillary fees, but did not take a side on the question of a bus pass for graduate students. "It's up to both sides to make compelling arguments," she said.

"I feel confident I handled things correctly on my end," added McDonald, who was unaware of any possible appeal.

"Kelly Barrowcliffe did an excellent job working on behalf of graduate students, both at Western and at the national level," she said.

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