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Tuesday, March 23, 1999


Murderers should be reminded

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Murderers should be reminded

Re: Even O.J. has rights and freedoms, March 19

To the Editor:

I'll assume that Neil has not examined the actual evidence of the case closely. It may be, that during the trial, Neil himself was going through puberty and was experiencing some sort of hormonal imbalance that affected his logic centre. Therefore, let's briefly review the evidence.

Two butchered bodies, shoes, opportunity, motive, blood samples (confirmed by conclusive DNA evidence) of Nicole Brown Simpson, Ronald Goldman and Orenthal James Simpson mixed together. Under any other circumstances or with any other defendant it would have been an open and shut case. Yes, there are political and emotional influences in this case which make it somewhat unique.

Neil seems to rely on the fact that a jury found Simpson not guilty. Juries make mistakes. Just ask Guy Paul Morin. Two juries convicted him and DNA proved he was innocent. Possibly the mistake was to find Simpson guilty beyond any doubt (Martians could have done it) instead of beyond a reasonable doubt. The operative word here being reasonable. And let us not forget a civil jury concluded he was responsible.

That said, Neil goes on to talk of this murderer's rights. He is free. He plays golf with his "bad" knees. What does he want? Acceptance. Sorry, but that is something earned or in his case thrown away. No one is stoning Simpson, but it is quite right for people to remind him of what he did and that it was wrong.

Finally, Neil says it's time to let go. When do you let go of the crime of murder? A year, three years, when? I wonder how people from the concentration camps in Europe, or the Serbs, or the Bosnians, or the Biafrians would answer that question. Murder is the ultimate crime against another human. It is never acceptable. Never. Simpson may have rights but so do we. We have the right to tell a murderer to go away and leave us alone.

Des Stutchbury
Special Student IV

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