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Tuesday, March 23, 1999


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It's more than $4

Re: Higher bus pass fee LTC driven, March 17

To the Editor:

I can't believe what I've been reading this last little while in The Gazette. How is it that the same people who whine, bitch and join all sorts of little rallies and coalitions on the rising cost of education can justify increasing our fees to the University Students' Council?

The most annoying part of it all is hearing the same rhetoric used on both sides: "Fee increases are necessary to maintain the current level of services."

When tuition goes up, we know the reason: government cut backs (i.e. We're still giving you lots of free money, just not as much). When the USC asks for more money, it's coming out of our pockets.

Furthermore, what value do we get? When we pay tuition, we get AN EDUCATION. That is why we're here. When we pay huge amounts of money to the USC, we inflate a few people's resumes and attempt to increase the "social atmosphere" at Western.

Additionally, excuses like "it's only another $4" just make me more angry. It's always been easier to take $1 from a million people than a million dollars from one person. It's gotten so bad that we've had to elect someone to promise a publication of the ancillary fees breakdown.

Last I heard, the USC's budget was over $10 million. That's a whole lot of bursaries.

Mike Horgan
Computer Science III

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