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Tuesday, March 23, 1999


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A history lesson about Kosovo

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A history lesson about Kosovo

Re: Kosova is Albanian, March 17

To the Editor:

The reason why I write this letter is to question the intentions of Lori Semsedini and Valentina Shemshedini. What I believe is appropriate and generally overlooked when considering the situation in Kosovo is history.

Kosovo is Serbian. The land can be directly accounted for in one of the greatest wars that Serbia had ever fought – the Battle of Kosovo. The battle took place in 1389 against the Ottoman Empire where the loss of many lives took place.

Mr. Alexander Sutic does actually have a historic backing to the claim that Kosovo is Serbian. This is our holy land! The land Kosovo and Metodia are the religious and cultural heart and heritage of the Serbian peoples. Albanians might have been in the Balkans but not in Kosovo. Albanians did not arrive on the land until the second World War.

In any case, as to the statement about the number of Serbians killed in comparison to Albanians – and I quote "I am not saying that Serbians have not been killed, but their numbers are not even comparable to the number of murdered Albanians" – where do you get off? Rather than shunning the death of even one person on either side you seem to shrug off the loss of life as inconsequential and this I find unacceptable.

In regard to the "ethnic cleansing" you describe, there is no direct "cleansing" being carried out. I am not saying the people of the province are not being displaced, but this is an effect of war. I do not condone it, along with the majority of Serbians in the world. They are appalled that the war is even taking place.

You say the Kosovo Liberation Army is only aiming for autonomy, but this is simply not true. They are fighting for sovereignty. I am by no means saying every Albanian in Kosovo is looking for sovereignty. One thing which must be remembered is that Yugoslavia is a sovereign, European country, being so, they have a right not to agree with NATO forces being in Kosovo as a threat to their nationhood.

The Serbian people, as contrary to your article, do not relish war, they have been demonized by the Western media. As you are looking for the rights of the Albanian people you must consider the rights of the Serbians as well. Peace is the ultimate goal; would the presence of NATO or any other outside force solve anything? Look at Cyprus and you will find the answer!

Ivan Lekic
Political Science II

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