Volume 92, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 24, 1999


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A loss of faith

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A loss of faith

Once again, campus elections have made headlines.

While it's inevitable for there to be winners and losers in any election, an alarming trend of late is the apparent loss of faith in the election process.

The disturbing end to this thought is that headlines report not only winners and losers, but of disputes and complaints towards the election process itself.

The appeal of the recent Society of Graduate Students presidential election represents the latest in campus election controversies which illustrates an erosion of faith which may take substantial time to restore. One of the many alleged infractions which may have tainted this election includes the neglect of the entire part-time student vote – not exactly something to be overlooked.

The consequence of this appeal is the time and energy which could have gone towards matters which are arguably more important, such as work on the up-coming year. Instead, a huge chunk of resources must be devoted to finding out if alleged infractions are, in fact, true.

Before this incident, voters were pelted with Pravda's errors which resulted in the media, information and technoculture by-election. These cases result in a voter who becomes jaded by the constant threat of having to cast another vote. How supportive can the average Western voter be of a process which has made colossal mistakes routine?

In this most recent case, whether or not mistakes were made is still to be determined. Regardless of the ruling, campus elections are in peril of being type-cast as questionable undertakings, which does not bode well for student politics at Western.

At all points of the election process, from electronic ballots to sub-par performances by Pravda and election officials, the system of voting to which we've become accustomed is in danger of losing its credibility.

The election process is entrenched in democratic spirit. Since democracy is a system of checks and balances, even the slightest mention of improprieties in the election process should make all those involved hang their heads.

There is no simple solution for mistakes in these matters, but the extent to which they've occurred means officials must take better care in ushering the elections along. A meticulous approach is an absolute fundamental in ensuring the bottom line in any election is beyond reproach. Pressing matters such as elections must include an element of grave seriousness that all must ensure.

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