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Wednesday, March 24, 1999


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A fine example of ignorance

Computers in the library suck

A fine example of ignorance

Re: Disfigured flags are a disgrace, March 16

To the Editor:
This goes directly to Ian Ross who wrote the March 16 column, "Disfigured flags are a disgrace." Maybe if he did his research he would know that those are not "paint splashes" covering the flags in the University Community Centre.

It's an art form called "Bitik" a woman in the London community was kind enough to take time to do. The designs are made with wax. If you even pretended to know anything about journalism, you would have asked.

The Cultural Caravan committee has received tons of compliments on the beautiful flags everyday since they have been up. There are many students at Western who appreciate the fact the CC committee wanted to do some things a little different this year.

You, Ian Ross, are a fine example of the ignorance Cultural Caravan attempts to destroy. Why didn't you take the time last week to visit the booths, see the shows and talk to the people to find out more before you began to write an ill-educated Opinions article? Otherwise, why don't you stick to sports?

Nadira Persaud
Computer Science III

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