Volume 92, Issue 93

Wednesday, March 24, 1999


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A fine example of ignorance

Computers in the library suck

Computers in the library suck

Re: Sun Microsystems in library

To the Editor:

At first sight, the new Java stations in Weldon look impressive: large screens, fancy casing, real mice (instead of those wimpy touch-pads). However, looks are deceiving. For machines specifically designed to provide web access, they don't do a very good job and are extremely slow. I think many people on campus agree judging by the wait to use the remaining PCs.

Sun Microsystems is a world-class company and a leader in its field and thus, it should be embarrassed to provide Western students with such a low quality product. Sun and the library system should work to improve these laggard machines or remove them entirely, replacing them with conventional PCs.

Aly Mawji

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