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Thursday, March 25, 1999


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Western's phone system to move into the 21st century

Hill cleared path for future campus issues


Caught on campus

Hill cleared path for future campus issues

By Mark Brown
Gazette Staff

Peter Hill, VP-campus issues for the University Students' Council, is preparing to conclude his year with few regrets.

Since this was the first year for the campus issues portfolio, Hill said it was important to lay out a strong direction and framework for next year. During this process, Hill said he believes the USC has matured in dealing with equity issues.

The two things Hill said he is most proud of are the partnerships he has built between the USC and the Western community, along with having success at implementing more "concrete" projects around campus.

Partnerships with the affiliates, student services and equity services have allowed the USC to do more in the community while being more cost effective, he said.

Some of the work done out of Hill's office which might be a little more noticeable around campus has been regarding the accessibility levy. Two of the main projects paid for by the levy include a new sidewalk outside Talbot College and a ramp into the previously inaccessible Physics and Astronomy Building.

On a more personal level, Hill was proud to say he was one of the first USC executives to speak out openly on behalf of the gay and lesbian community. "I have always been disturbed by how open people are on campus and in society with their hatred and dislike of gays, lesbians and bisexuals."

Hill's biggest regret this year was Buy Nothing Day, an event organized by Oxford Famine Relief which was restricted by the USC. "There were many people who lost faith in the USC because of my decision and I apologize to them.

"It was the only decision I could make because of the guidelines," he added.

Before Hill starts packing up his office he said he has some advice for next year's council and his successor, Perry Monaco.

Hill said there are a number of councillors who would like to see some serious cuts – some of which have targeted the campus issues portfolio. "If they want to cut back then they have to make some difficult decisions next year, but they shouldn't target the political side of the organization."

As for next year's VP-campus issues, Hill offered this advice: "Ask questions; learn about the people you are representing; keep an open mind; get ready for criticism; but have fun while you are here and you will do spectacular."

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