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Thursday, March 25, 1999


What is really in store for humans

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What is really in store for humans

Re: Don't rely on the word of the Bible, March 11

To the Editor:
As a terminally confused seeker, I am left wondering how biblical literalists can explain numerous indisputably incorrect claims in their text. Spinning the science wheel, I see that it lands at "biology."

Very well. Let us sample two indisputable biological facts that are mysteriously contradicted by the word of God. For example, God is heard to forbid the eating of rabbits on the grounds that they are ruminants (Lev. 11:5-6). But as everyone knows, rabbits do not chew their cud and as their Creator, too, certainly would have known, being the great hand that had fashioned them only a few thousand years previous.

As an eternal and omniscient being, this little fact surely could not have slipped his infinite mind in the blink of an eye! Inconceivable. What, then, did he have up his ineffable sleeve, to attempt to deceive us like that?

I am also puzzled by the report that Jacob had his sheep produce spotted lambs by having the mommy and daddy sheep look at spots while mating (Gen. 30:36-39). This seems more on the level of a rural myth, or a joke of shepherds living 2,500 years ago. I am very disappointed God would stoop to such a level – the great designer of the universe must have had a much deeper understanding of genetics than this. Was God trying to trick us? If not, how could God possibly have made such a silly oversight?

If he "was" trying to fool us, why would an omnibenevolent entity lie like that in his own autobiography? I feel entitled to expect a higher standard of personal integrity from he who crafted Pluto and its noble ice moon Charon.

Now, I don't presume to be some sort of biblical scholar, let alone a biologist, but either God was trying to trick us for some as yet inscrutable reason of his own or a very troubling pattern is emerging. I don't want to alarm anyone, but if God is going to go around using his authority to propagate such obvious falsehoods, one has to wonder what he "really" has in store for us, his innocent and trusting minions, in the afterlife his fans are always trying to get people to sign up for, all in exchange, mind you, for our immortal souls. Gulp!

Mike Davidson
Computer Science III

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