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Thursday, March 25, 1999


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Harris needs to be forthcoming

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Harris needs to be forthcoming

Re: Education debates

To the Editor:
With a provincial election expected to be just around the corner, we feel obligated to ask the question, where are the Tories?

The Queen's University Alma Mater Society, representing 11,000 undergraduate students, recently organized a debate on education issues. Each party was given the opportunity to present their education platform to the students and citizens of Ontario.

Unfortunately, the Conservative Party MPPs refused to attend. This follows on the heels of an education-focused debate in Hamilton on Feb. 10 that the Tories shied away from and another in Toronto on Feb. 25 that the Tories shipped.

This absence leaves us to wonder why Mike Harris does not want to talk about the record of his government and what their future plans are. Rather than participating in low-cost open forums, it seems the only time Mike Harris is willing to talk to the citizens of Ontario is through $90 million worth of taxpayer-funded partisan advertisements.

Mike Harris owes it to the people of Ontario to be forthcoming on his education record, which includes cuts of over $1 billion, skyrocketing tuition and broken promises on student aid reform. Does this government believe in a two-tiered education system and complete deregulation of tuition fees? If so, it is incumbent upon them to submit this plan to the public for debate.

A healthy democracy is built on a foundation of open debate and dialogue. This is impossible to achieve when the governing party refuses to engage in any type of open discussion. Mike Harris should stop hiding and tell Ontarians what he plans to do to our education system.

Milan Konopek
Queen's Alma Mater Society
Academic Affairs Commissioner
Aaron Lazarus
Queen's Alma Mater Society
Deputy-Academic Affairs

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