Volume 92, Issue 94

Thursday, March 25, 1999


What is really in store for humans

Harris needs to be forthcoming

Boy in the box

Boy in the box

Re: Student in a bottle, March 17

To the Editor:
I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to all those who got involved in my art project on the Concrete Beach.

It was more successful than I ever imagined. I was literally up to my knees in student outpouring, right up to the end when a sympathy rule tipped my confinement to release me.

I feel that I will always have that community of friends at Western who extended their time, money and energy towards a stranger and fellow student. I have been humbled by the interest and I respect those who went out of their way to support what appeared to be a causeless act in the name of art.

Anthony Primmer
Visual Arts IV

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