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Friday, March 26, 1999


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Blackmoon rises after eclipse

Iglesias legacy lives on

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Iglesias legacy lives on

Cosas Del Amor
Universal Music Group

The legacy of seduction lives on. When people talk about romance and seduction, a leading musician who should come to mind is Enrique Iglesias.

Iglesias' latest album Cosas Del Amor is made up of 10 romance-filled tracks. Just like his father before him, Julio, whose music evolved around the image of love and allurement, young Iglesias writes and sings music from the heart.

Throughout all the songs, the feeling of irresistibility is brought to the listener by the use of intense instrumental music. Every song begins with either the sound of the piano or flute and streams into a mix of synthesized vocals.

All of his lyrics deal with heartfelt issues about love, deceit and longing. The title track "Cosas Del Amor," or "Objects of Affection," emphasize the feelings of attachment a person gets when they get close to someone special.

The track "Contigo" is one of those songs which takes a person's thoughts and brings them out into the open.

However, even the prince of seduction has his disenchanting moments. "Para De Jugar" sounds like the Spanish version of Backstreet Boys' "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)." The beat is catchy but as soon as the vocal part starts the once popular lyrics from the Boys come to mind.

Nevertheless the young Iglesias' ever seductive vocals still get under your skin.


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