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Friday, March 26, 1999


Report says increase education funding

Rent refunds may be in the mail

Safety proposals pass the first step

USC audited statements check in four months late

Board sits on SOGS fee decrease

New fee for medical residents causing accessibility concerns

Iozzo sees term as educational triumph


Caught on campus

Report says increase education funding

By Becky Somerville
Gazette Staff

After a year's worth of consultations throughout the province, Ontario's Jobs and Investment Board unveiled its vision for the future yesterday, with post secondary education at the forefront.

Dave Johnson, Ontario's Minister of Education and Training, announced the government-commissioned report A Road Map to Prosperity: An Economic Plan for the Jobs of the 21st Century in a press conference at Fanshawe College. The report was also released yesterday in six other communities across the province.

Johnson explained the objective of the report was to foster the highest quality of life and sustainable economic prosperity throughout Ontario over the next 10 years.

The report recommends to establish an independent quality assessment organization for post secondary institutions as well as targeting funding for universities and colleges based on employment results of their graduates.

"The report does point out, that with the demographics, there will be increasing investments required [in post secondary education] and I'm pleased – as the Minister of Education – I'm pleased to see that," Johnson said.

He added the report indicates all the areas it touches on must undergo further discussion and requires cooperation between all stakeholding groups.

"The report talks about the income contingent loan repayment program and a requirement that the provincial government and the federal government hammer out some understanding in that regard," Johnson said.

Dan Nystedt, president of the Fanshawe Student Union, said the proposal will benefit everyone in Ontario, including students. "I think the initiative and the plan laid out here will take us to a good place if it's followed through with," he said.

Chris Essex, a Western professor of applied mathematics who was present at yesterday's announcement, said the government emphasis on research and development was a positive step.

"One of the single most important aspects of the report is its emphasis on life long learning," said Nick Iozzo, VP-education for Western's University Students' Council. "The interest in access to a university education that we have as students is clearly in the interest of the province's future."

Andrew Boggs, executive director of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance, said the OJIB's recommendations are consistent with many of the issues, such as income sensitive loan repayment which OUSA has been advocating.

"The dialogue is excellent. Students are one of the major stakeholders in both post secondary education and the Ontario economy," Boggs said. "The end result could be empowering for students."

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