Volume 92, Issue 95

Friday, March 26, 1999


Report says increase education funding

Rent refunds may be in the mail

Safety proposals pass the first step

USC audited statements check in four months late

Board sits on SOGS fee decrease

New fee for medical residents causing accessibility concerns

Iozzo sees term as educational triumph


Caught on campus


Graduated art

Some Western grads are parading their artistic abilities in a free exhibit open to all.

Approximately 35 visual art students began displaying their work yesterday as part of "Untitled 1999," an exhibit put on by Western's department of visual arts.

Sheila Butler, a professor of visual arts at Western and a coordinator of the event, said the exhibit takes place at the John Labatt Visual Arts Centre and will continue for several weeks.

Butler added the student art will also be displayed in the Pier 1 building on Dundas Street beginning tomorrow at 7 p.m.. "We received the use of the Pier 1 building courtesy of the London Downtown Business Association," she said.


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