Volume 92, Issue 95

Friday, March 26, 1999


Dubious award an embarrasment

Check your facts

Dubious award an embarrasment

Re: Ivey's recycling down in the dumps, March 23

To the Editor:

When I read The Gazette March 23 I saw a hard-hitting and insightful article on the lack of recycling on this campus. As the 1998/99 law councillor to the University Students' Council I was shocked to see our building listed among the worst offenders. This will be a matter the law school will have to look into further, but that is not the reason I am writing this letter.

What surprised me most was seeing Stacey Sheehy, the honours business administration association president accepting the "award" for poor recycling performance. When I asked Stacey how they were able to get her to accept the award (and have her picture taken receiving the award), the answer I received was equally surprising.

Ms. Sheehy explained to me how someone from the USC called her and asked her to come accept an "award" from the USC. Honoured, Ms. Sheehy went to the University Community Centre and met Mr. Creighton who then insisted on waiting for The Gazette reporters to show up before telling Ms. Sheehy what "award" she was winning. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she was forced to accept this award knowing it would be splashed across The Gazette.

People who know me from the USC know my general contempt for the way the USC deals with professional schools. To that end, it doesn't surprise me the USC would engage in such underhanded and unethical acts, especially when it comes to a professional school. What disappointed me was that TheGazette would sink to the USC's level and act as an accomplice in this underhanded, unethical and cheap publicity.

The lack of recycling is an important issue that I am sure all of us (including Ms. Sheehy) would agree needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, embarrassing and humiliating one student from an offending faculty will not serve any purpose except to alienate more students from the already pompous and arrogant USC.

Mr. Creighton stated in the article that, "it was not a personal dig at Stacey." Well let me inform you Mr. Creighton, when you embarrass and humiliate a student in the university newspaper, you are making a personal dig!

In closing, I would like to say I have gotten to know Ms. Sheehy over the past year and I have found her to be an extremely kind, caring and compassionate person who I have the privilege to call a friend.

I am sure if Mr. Creighton had come to her in an open, honest and professional manner, Ms. Sheehy would have been more than willing to work with him on these matters. Unfortunately, Mr. Creighton, operating in true USC fashion, decided acting in an unprofessional and adversarial manner was preferable to this.

As any professional faculty student will tell you, acting in an unethical and unprofessional manner in the real world will leave you with nothing but a spot on the unemployment line.

Domenico Magisano
Law II

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