Volume 92, Issue 95

Friday, March 26, 1999


Dubious award an embarrasment

Check your facts

Check your facts

Re: A history lesson about Kosovo, March 23

To the Editor:

Ivan Lekic's letter claims the Battle of Kosova in 1389 proves Kosova is exclusively Serbian. However, history didn't begin in 1389.

According to world renowned historians like Dr. S.S. Juka, over 200 excavation sites in Kosova trace the ancient Illyrians (direct ancestors of Albanians) to the land as far back as 2000 BC. So, Mr. Lekic, your claim about the Albanians not arriving in Kosova until the second World War is false. We encourage you to read up on the subject.

Secondly, you put ethnic cleansing in quotation marks as if to say it isn't happening. Next, you will probably say the Holocaust never happened. Therefore, it is you, not us, who does not value life and seems to "shrug off the loss of life as inconsequential." This is unacceptable.

Finally, you address the issue of having a NATO army situated in Kosova. For the last year, diplomacy has been rejected and stalled by Milosovic's regime. In the meantime, over 2,000 Albanian civilians have been mutilated, raped, tortured and killed. Thousands more have been forced to flee their burning villages and seek refuge in the surrounding inhospitable mountain range. So you need not educate us on the value of life.

Many of our relatives have been killed. We have other relatives who are surgeons, economists and lawyers and are "lucky" enough to be alive and receive their generous wages in potatoes – precisely, one sack of potatoes per month.

So you ask about the validity of NATO interference. Well, it's to give the Serbs a taste of their own medicine in hopes that they will stop attacking the civilian Albanian population. The world cannot stand by as innocent people continue to be killed.

To conclude, we ask: What would have happened if no one intervened on the part of the Jewish people in Nazi Germany?

Valentina Shemshedini
Psychology III
Lori Semsedini
Geography IV

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