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Wednesday, March 3, 1999


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Country living

Re: Garth don't know baseball, Feb. 18

To the Editor:

I just want to write and say I think you went too far with your article. You may put down that you think this is a publicity stunt by the team or by Garth himself, but that is where your statement should have stopped.

Both the editorial cartoon and the "Sports editor" were verging on just that, RACISM. So it is all right for you to classify Garth and all people from the South are rednecks and just "go shagging flies" with Trisha Yearwood or anything else like that.

The South has given us many great people, both in intellect and in heart. Mr. Brooks for example is a college graduate and look what he did with his baseball salary – he gave it all to charity. Let's see Mr. Jordan do that. If I or anyone made those comments like that about blacks or Jews I would be called a RACIST. So what gives you the right to make comments like that.

Also, for being in the "media" you should know song titles are capitalized, not starting with small letters. And you quoted a song title that is not even the title of the song. So please get out your Garth CD ('cause everyone has one, like you said he is the biggest selling solo artist of all time) and then get out your writing guidelines book to see how to quote song titles.

In closing I would just like to say that your comments about country music being depressing and him writing a song about baseball are the signs of closed minds and Western is a place to open up to new experiences. So listen to country music and understand what it is really about. It is not the same old country you used to hear and it is not the same old South you thought you knew.

Brad Boulianne
Geography III

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