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Wednesday, March 3, 1999


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Costly mistakes can be made by everybody

Re: Cooking with Pravda, Feb. 16

To the Editor:

The Editor's attempt at wittiness is no better than the trash that usually spews forth to create a stir about the University Students' Council. Aside from the juvenile tone and the persistent misuse of editorial space (have you nothing engaging to say?), I wish to further explore the notion of Pravda's mistakes as wasting student dollars.

I'll give you the fact that the mistake was made, that the mistake will cost money and that the money will come from students' pockets. What I won't give you, however, is the implicit statement thatThe Gazette doesn't make mistakes that cost students money.

What is worse, I wonder, making layout mistakes that cause re-election, or taking out full-page ads that include pictures of cocaine, marijuana and alcohol to get students to "try something new" and write for The Gazette? That decision/mistake/embarrassment was just one of many that cost students considerable money and that further compromised USC work in building up the administration's perception of students and the USC. There have been many, many more cases where poor judgement on the editor's part was employed and significant costs, both financial and otherwise, ensued.

As long as we are all so concerned about student dollars, I would recommend that students and The Gazette alike examine the USC budget and the financial support that it provides The Gazette and very seriously consider its justification.

Because your only job is to administer to a student newspaper, I am elated by the fact that layout problems aren't a concern at The Gazette. Unfortunately, no amount of dedication can ensure good judgement, or appropriate use of authority. You may be able to hide behind freedom of expression and freedom of the press when you make poor decisions, Mr. Editor, but the moment you start to criticize other operations for poor practices you expose yourself to those two words you clearly don't understand: accountability and responsibility.

Next time, make sure your own house is clean before you criticize others.

Rory Capern
USC Speaker of Council

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