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Wednesday, March 3, 1999


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Never asked for varsity

Re: Lacrosse should be a varsity sport, Feb. 17

To the Editor:

I'm very happy to see that lacrosse has finally worked its way into the pages of The Gazette.

There are some details, however, that need clarification. First of all, lacrosse's popularity is nothing new. Secondly, Jim Little is attacking the wrong person – Darwin Semotiuk is not holding lacrosse down.

The article by Ian Ross makes it seem as though the sport of lacrosse has just recently become popular. In fact, the NCAA Division I field lacrosse championships have recently outdrawn all other NCAA sports (excluding college football games and the "March Madness" basketball tournament) in terms of both live spectators and the at home TV audience.

Here in Canada, lacrosse hotbeds such as Orangeville, Oshawa and Peterborough receive tremendous fan support. Most junior and senior "A" box lacrosse teams (even high school field lacrosse teams) attract more fans than their football, basketball and baseball counterparts.

This brings us to the question: "If lacrosse is so popular, why is not a varsity sport?" Unfortunately, Mr. Little has the answer all wrong.

Darwin Semotiuk has not refused to give the men's lacrosse team varsity status. The simple fact is that the team has never asked for it. How could Darwin answer the call if the phone isn't even ringing?

I must correct Mr. Little on another point: lacrosse is not considered a varsity sport at either Brock or Guelph. The only men's varsity lacrosse programs in Canada belong to the University of Toronto and Simon Fraser University.

This fact, however, may soon change. This past summer, women's field lacrosse was granted OUA status. In May, athletic directors from schools across Ontario will vote on the men's proposal put forth by the Ontario University Field Lacrosse Association. With any luck, Mustang varsity lacrosse will soon become a reality.

Mike Frith
President, Western Lacrosse Club

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