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Wednesday, March 3, 1999


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White male generalization

Re: Strategic plan combats society's systemic barriers, Feb. 16

To the Editor:

With respect to Mr. Hill's grossly inaccurate letter, in which he recklessly states that, "white men comprise a social group that has never endured any systemic hardship or barrier to opportunity in our society," I have the following thoughts.

I think Mr. Hill seems to be confusing skin colour with socioeconomic status. I agree that in our society, it has always been the sons of the wealthy, well-connected, white collar, mostly white families that have never been discriminated against. However, we certainly can't generalize this observation to all or even most, white men.

Instead, Mr. Hill, I urge you to meet with some of the thousands of chronically unemployed and otherwise luckless white males in our community, many of them born to single parent or blue collar families and ask them what they think of your ideas. Find out how easy it is for them to break the socioeconomic barrier and land good white collar jobs.

You might be amazed at how many of them never seem to get a break. And perhaps only then you will understand why these men rightfully cry "unfair" to any notions of preferential hiring from which they are excluded.

Let's face it – reverse discrimination may or may not be a reality, but for discouraged white males who can't seem to get a decent job, the fact that every job posting seems to end with "we are particularly interested in every demographic group but yours" is yet another slap in the face.

I therefore hope Western administration will reconsider the proposed hiring procedures which will clearly discriminate against an already oppressed subset of the white male population.

William Kulju
Computer Science III

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