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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


VP gets re-appointed

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VP gets re-appointed

By Dave Yasvinski
Gazette Staff

Greg Moran, Western's VP-academic – love him or hate him – will be back for another five-year term.

Moran, whose contract expires July 1, 2000, received the green light for another term at Thursday's Board of Governors meeting, after a selection committee reviewed and approved his performance over the past four years.

Moran said although he was only notified of the committee's decision shortly before the Board meeting, it is something he had been thinking about for a while. "The most important issues were the unqualified support of [President Paul Davenport] and a strong report by the review committee. Once I had that it was a matter of myself deciding – that didn't take a long time."

Moran said one of his focuses will be on how Western will handle the double cohort, which will see the Ontario Academic Credit year of high school eliminated and an influx of university students, he said. "Western and the university sector have done their bit in operating at high quality with little resources. We need more government funding – this will be a major thrust in the next year or two."

Madeline Lennon, chair of visual arts and a committee member, said she felt the committee covered all the bases through interviews and submissions from the university community. The decision to offer re-appointment to Moran was unanimous. "We met a lot in long hours and dealt with everything that came in."

Lennon said the committee recognized Moran became provost at the same time the government began making severe cutbacks. "People realized there were tough decisions to be made and understood the difficult position he was in and gave him credit for moving and not hunkering down."

Lennon added no other candidates were looked at for the position.

Aniko Varpalotai, president of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association, said while the speed with which the committee made its decision was a surprise, the decision itself was not. She said her concern now is working with the provost to increase communication.

"We are hoping we can work together on some issues in the future. Things are changing in the certified environment – we need to develop a new relationship with administration across the board," she said, adding they hope the relationship will be congenial and consultative.

Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration, said he has worked with Moran since they were both deans and he is entirely in support of him. "I'm extremely happy. Working with Greg is something I look forward to for his next term," he said.

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