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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Justifying revenge is unjustifiable

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Justifying revenge is unjustifiable

Re: Kosovo

To the Editor:

I consider writing an opinions letter to The Gazette a fairly serious task and won't do it unless something really rubs me the wrong way. What I have read in The Gazette about students' attitudes concerning Kosovo really upsets me.

People who have ethnic ties to Yugoslavia seem less interested in condemning the bloodshed than in trying to tell us their side is the one who is suffering and they have the right to avenge their dead. I'm sure no one with a stake in Yugoslavia wants this death and destruction – it just seems their hatred for the opposition causes them to lose perspective and say things that are stupid. When you're so used to vindictively labelling someone Albanian, Muslim or Serb, maybe you can't help but be stupid.

My heritage is French, but if I ever turned on the news and heard France and another country were at war, you'd never here me cheer or defend it. Whether my "people" were the aggressors or simply avenging their dead, I would be praying every day that they were granted the wisdom to see they were killing their fellow human beings.

You may scoff at my attitude; probably shared by most Canadians whose ancestors have been North Americans for more than several generations. You may say we have forgotten the struggles of the old world. But what you can't deny is that our distance from the conflict in Kosovo gives us a little more clarity about just who's killing who. Man is killing his fellow man and women and children are in the middle, very frightened.

So the next time you think your "people" have any right to seek what you think is a justifiable revenge, remember that YOUR attitude is what is responsible for this centuries old conflict. Also, remember that your fellow students are reading these letters with disdain and thinking that your argument is the most pathetic thing they've ever read.

Evan Joanette
Biology III

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