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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Not picking on pros

Re: Dubious award an embarrassment, March 26

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Mr. Magisano's letter in The Gazette on March 26. The arguments in the letter, though disjointed, may be summarized as: I humiliated a student representative for the business school and carried out an existing habit of the University Students' Council to misrepresent the professional schools.

As to the first point I do have one regret – that one person alone stood up for the award for worst recycling on campus. I had arranged representatives from the staff of the business school to attend also but they cancelled and I made the decision to go ahead. It is of course ridiculous to suggest any one person in the Ivey School of Business is somehow responsible for its bad standing on recycling criteria and I hope this letter will, if nothing else, dispel the impression of personal blame which some have misconstrued.

As to the second contention made by Mr. Magisano, that this was part of a continuing effort of the USC to misrepresent the professional schools, all I can say is this. I am not privy to any previous disgruntlement Mr. Magisano has had with branches of the USC unrelated to my own. I have little interest in defending USC politics and even less in protecting people's image. To think I was persecuting professional students is folly. Note that although the business school did perform the worst (58.8 per cent of garbage was recyclable) in the waste audit the Medical Sci./Dental Sciences Building scored the best (31.7 per cent).

For the medical, dental and all other students who support Western's recycling program, congratulations. For all the students and staff who expressed support for the Enviro-week goals, thank you. For Mr. Magisano, I hope this answers some of your questions.

Michael Crieghton
Chemistry/Environmental Sciences III

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