Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Justifying revenge is unjustifiable

Lacking coverage

It's foreign policy

Not enough Intini at Western

God does love everyone

Forward is a good thing

More than just a symbolic figure


Hipsters Ave. providing avenues for tolerance

Not picking on pros

Love sinner, hate sin

It's foreign policy

Re: Kosovo

To the Editor:

For the last week I've heard comments made about American involvement in Kosovo. People have insisted to me that the Americans are only acting in their own interest.

This is true – but this is a new era of foreign policy. Our world is over populated and changing fast. The medium is high-tech and the message is "hold on." Taking care of your country and your people no longer means tending the lawn in your backyard.

American foreign policy seems offensive to peace loving Canadians. We have to accept it though, mainly because it's our policy too.

Rob Schuyler
Engineering II

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