Volume 92, Issue 89

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Justifying revenge is unjustifiable

Lacking coverage

It's foreign policy

Not enough Intini at Western

God does love everyone

Forward is a good thing

More than just a symbolic figure


Hipsters Ave. providing avenues for tolerance

Not picking on pros

Love sinner, hate sin

Not enough Intini at Western

Re: SI finally joins the 20th century, March 18

To the Editor:

On behalf of all the female students of Western, I would like to thank and praise John Intini for expressing a sincere concern regarding women's sport. Western needs more men like you! I appreciate your enthusiasm and openness – not to mention your good looks (I really like your little snapshot!). All I can say is... you the man Intini, you the man!

Andrea Bianco
Sociology II

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