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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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God does love everyone

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God does love everyone

Re: New views on old book, March 19

To the Editor:

I'm writing in response to your commentary "New views on old book" published in The Gazette on March 19.

You have spoken with conviction in addressing the issue of God and homosexuality. It is perhaps one of the hottest topics in recent years and needs to be questioned by everyone concerned with the direction things are moving in society.

I agree with your statement reading, "God is supposed to love everyone, despite sexual orientation." Go one step further – God does love everyone, despite sexual orientation. The Bible speaks again and again of God's love for all people. "God is love" is indeed a true statement. Your question, "What kind of god is it we believe in who tells us to be conflicting in our views?" brings up a good point. Who wants to believe in a god whose only purpose is to confuse the confused?

I've asked many questions about God's character, his love and his very existence over the past few years. He is, certainly, bigger and more complex than any of us will ever understand. So keep asking questions about him. And, as you recommend, "research, research, research" until you have been given the truth. You don't ever have to accept something at par, but make sure when you eventually take a stand on something, all evidence has been carefully examined.

I am most interested in a statement made in your concluding remarks saying "we should question why we put such emphasis on these things, when we let a collection of words written eons ago shape who we are and what we believe." Good point. This is my answer.

I live my life, although imperfectly, by what the Bible says. This isn't because I have a strong desire to offend people, but because, after a long struggle for answers and a search for any evidence for its claims, I became incredibly convinced that it is, logically, the truth. And I will defend that truth, give my life for it, live by it, because I know the God who wrote it and as you rightly observed, he is loving.

Thank you for making me step back and re-examine the beliefs I have come to cherish. I will always "place emphasis" on the relationship between God and the people he creates, for it is by him that we're able to draw the next breath. And that seems pretty important to me.

Rachel Koprowski
Nursing II

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