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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Forward is a good thing

Re: New views on old book, March 19

To the Editor:

In your article, you stated that, "It's pathetic and saddening that in an aging world when we should keep moving forward with thought, we move backward." You're quite right, moving "forward" in thought is probably a good thing. Your article however, is the antithesis of your argument.

First you suggest that, "someone [who] would use the Bible to express hate against a particular lifestyle is absurd." I fully agree. It is absurd. However, because one person has an "absurd" interpretation of the Bible, it does NOT give you any right to claim absurdity on the entire Bible itself.

Of course in the particular case of gays and lesbians (had you done ANY research whatsoever), you would have discovered that God DOES love all people (gay or not). He does not love some of the things we do though. It goes on to say that we as a people have no right to judge others on their actions – only God does. People who think that homosexuals or lesbians are sinners (whether they are right or not) have no right to vindicate them. The protester is probably more sinful in the eyes of God than the homosexual/lesbian is.

"Research, research, research," right? I would question the amount of research that has gone into any of your "theories" at all. "A few guys who had a bit too much to drink?" And who are you suggesting is ignorant? I was following your article relatively well (aside from your illogical parallels), until you began tripping out on Mayor Dianne Haskett. It may be that what she did was wrong, but it does not support your Bible theory.

What you have effectively done is shown the weaknesses in two people's arguments or actions and have then tried to relate it to how ridiculous the Bible is. This kind of false logic is used often, but it never works. The Bible is one of the most misunderstood books of all time simply because people listen and believe in what OTHER people think instead of reading it themselves.

Oh and on your last paragraph, wouldn't it be sad to see our society shaped by the Bible's ethical standards as opposed to the wonderful example we've set in the world today? It probably would, because that would mean we would have to follow some moral guidelines and we don't like having any of those now do we, Sabrina?

Keith Hassen
Physics II

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