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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Canadian Fashion Fall 1999

Canadian Fashion Fall 1999

The fashion world is in high gear again as they unveil the new looks for Fall '99 and Canadian designers are carving a niche for themselves in the cutthroat industry with their innovative and sophisticated designs. Some of the hottest Canadian designers displayed their work at the Matinée Fashion Ready-to-Wear show in Toronto last week, promoted by Designers Ontario.

Welcome to the modern edge lots of grays and metallics, shapes and colours which move smoothly from spring into fall and suits made for mixing and matching. Though intended for fall wear, many of the clothes could go year-round while still looking current.

Boxxe by Wayne Box was one of the shows featuring modern fashions including the models' hair and make-up. Shiny metallic fabrics, as well as modern collars and designs which defy tradition take this designer's collection straight into the future.

Lino Catalano's collection was somewhat more conservative with mixing and matching of suit pieces; he accentuated the pairings of jacket fabrics with different types of pant fabrics. Lots of soft, flowing lines and very relaxed is the look here. Zrihen and Chun's collection displayed some eye-catching evening wear with some modern casual wear.

Prints will be appearing a lot in the coming fall season, although we'll mostly be seeing tonal prints without a lot of contrast of colour. Winter white is also going to be very in, though for those with practicality in mind, camel is another warmer colour option for outdoor wear. Charcoal grey is all over the place in both spring and fall collections, although lighter greys are also strong. Long coats and jackets will also be in. Soft fabrics such as mohair and cashmere knits are also big trends for the season.

So go ahead, pick out what you like, memorize it and head for the nearest mall in about five months – that's when the fall fashions hit the market. In the meantime, spring is finally here and the shops are packed with gorgeous fashions for the warmer season – what better reason to go shopping?

All photos by Geoff Robins

SEXY AND SOPHISTICATED. This long coat by Lino Catalano is one of many hitting the runways this season, as a topper to almost any casual outfit.

MIXING IT UP. Though this outfit looks somewhat reminiscent of the seventies, it displays Lino Catalano's flair for pairing different types of fabrics for an interesting finished look.

WE WEREN'T TALL ENOUGH TO BE MODELS, SO... Designers Zrihen and Chun are met with applause as they walk down the catwalk with one of their models after the show. The model is wearing one of the duo's striking evening gowns.

ALL SUITED UP. This outfit could go from day to evening, as Lino Catalano has paired a suit jacket with a long and flowing skirt.

CUTE MADE ELEGANT BY FANCY GLOVES. This basic Lino Catalano outfit is easily dressed up with elbow-reaching gloves and dressy shoes.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE COLLAR. This top by Boxxe displays the type of modest collar which often appears in this collection, creating clean lines in casual tops.

NOT ONLY IS IT COOL, IT'S FIRE RETARDANT TOO. This outfit from the Zrihen and Chun collection shows their less conservative side with a swinging shiny jacket paired with a neat, long dress.

CAN'T TOUCH THIS. This model coyly shows off one of Zrihen and Chun's classy evening gowns.

PRETTY AND SLEEK. This outfit by Lino Catalano displays the print look for the season, paired with sleek and slim dress.

OK MODELS – FALL IN! The models for Lino Catalano parade down the catwalk after the show so the audience can take it all in.

METALLIC AND MODERN. This outfit from the Boxxe collection shows off Box's flare for the modern look with a skirt you could see your reflection in and funky matching boots.

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