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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Lone candidate can still lose

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Campus crime heats up with weather

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Lone candidate can still lose

By Sabrina Carinci
Gazette Staff

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations is preparing to elect a new national director and the competition is slim.

Jason Aebig, president of the University of Saskatchewan's Students' Union and the only candidate, said he is excited about the prospect of being CASA's national director, however there is still a chance he will not win. "It's a yes/no vote," he said. "I can still lose."

Ryan Marshall, CASA's chief returning officer and president of the Alma Mater Society at the University of British Columbia, said if a "no" vote is returned on April 6, nominations will be reopened and the process will begin again.

Marshall said although the winner of the position officially takes office in June, the resignation of former director Hoops Harrison approximately three weeks ago may be cause for a new director to take office sooner. "They'll probably start training in Ottawa as soon as possible," he said.

With respect to the competition, Aebig said he had been told other potential candidates dropped out of the race when they learned he was running. "I took it as a compliment."

Jeff Feiner, CASA's acting national director who took over when Harrison resigned, said he had thought about running for the position, but decided to go back to school instead.

"The thought [of running] crossed my mind but I'd want it only for two months and not the full year-long term. I guess I got my wish," he said.

As VP-external at the University of McGill's Student Society, Feiner said the weekly commute from Montreal to Ottawa is becoming tiresome. "There's a need for me to return," he said.

Two of Aebig's main ideas include increasing CASA's profile to both the public and the government as well as increasing collaboration with the Canadian Federation of Students. "I would like to see a partnership. When there's a project that's doable then we should go for it," he said.

Duncin Reid, president of the Students' Society at McGill University, a CASA member, said he was confident in Aebig's ability to take the position as national director. "His running is a great thing. Jason has an enormous amount of energy and brings a lot to CASA," he said.

Nick Iozzo, VP-education of the University Students' Council, said he was not surprised to learn Aebig was the only contender.

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