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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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How can a Christian approve

How can a Christian approve

Re: New views on old book, March 19

To the Editor:

The Bible was written over a span of 1,500 years by men from widely differing backgrounds, who in many cases, were complete strangers to each other. Some were kings or preachers, others were fishermen, soldiers, physicians, businessmen – they all served under different governments and lived within different cultures. Yet there is perfect harmony in the message they convey.

The unity within the 66 books of the Bible clearly point to a supernatural source – someone with a superficial understanding of the Bible cannot see this. No wonder such a person can see the Bible as, "written by a few guys who had a bit too much to drink." What ludicrous ignorance!

The Bible clearly shows us God loves mankind but hates sin, acts he clearly instructed that mankind should not indulge in – homosexuality, adultery and murder, for example. As a mother loves her child even when he or she is bad, so does God love mankind in spite of the prevalence of sin.

Along these lines, God does not approve of homosexuality any more than he approves of adultery or murder. God has given to mankind free will. The gay community exists because people, of their own free will, choose to adopt this lifestyle (Romans 1:26,27).

With this in mind, how can anyone expect a Bible-believing Christian to approve of a "Gay Pride" weekend? Should they approve of acts which are clearly stated as wrong in the Bible? Furthermore, to love an individual does not imply one must approve of all their choices, including their choice of lifestyle. I wonder at the stability of the "educated mind" which cannot comprehend this simple principle.

Anissa Seegobin
Social Science I

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