Volume 92, Issue 82

Thursday, March 4, 1999


NOJO sands jazz grain

Grip Inc. solidifies its hold on heavy metal

Creativity qualms are unoriginal

Indie band tests shallow waters

Night Train misses intrigue station

Indie band tests shallow waters

By Shawn Despres
Gazette Staff

Destined to check out Shallow, North Dakota? Remember to bring your earplugs.

"I've never seen us play, but I expect that it's going to be pretty loud and heavy," says Shallow's guitarist Dan Dunham. "We're going to play all of the new songs that we've written so far."

Tonight's show is the first date of a month long tour which will take the Hamilton hard rock band throughout America.

"We're going to play the East Coast and then shoot down to Texas and play around there for about a week and a half. Then we're playing a couple of shows in California and the Midwest and then heading home."

Dunham claims the reaction to Shallow in the States has been positive thus far. "People have been pretty into us," he relates. "Especially in Texas. We've been down there three times and actually draw a crowd. People are sort of just starting to hear about us now.

"The first time we were down there we played at this club called Emo's and it was a real positive experience. The guy from Emo's called me and asked us to come back. He even said that he would book a tour of Texas for us.

"They've been really helpful," he continues. "They even put our CD in their jukebox which is a really big deal."

While in Texas, Shallow will be playing the South by Southwest music festival. Although the band has performed at SXSW before, they tend to shy away from Canadian festivals such as North by Northeast and Canadian Music Week.

"We've done those in the past and they are usually very unorganized. We end up playing on really bad bills and in clubs that aren't usually clubs – they're like a nacho hut or something.

"We're not really looking to get signed to a major label," Dunham admits. "Anyone who's seen us and is in a position of power knows that they're not going to make a million dollars off of us."

For this tour, Shallow will be without bass player Mike "Biff" Young. Instead, the band will be accompanied by their good friend and labelmate, Jahmeel from the band Kittens.

As for the future, besides recording a new album, the band may also record a 7-inch for Porcelain Productions, a small indie label in Richmond, Virginia. "The guy just called me up – it was funny because he saw us play on MuchMusic of all things. He saw clips from the Sonic Unyon 5th Anniversary Party and asked us to do a 7-inch.

"I never saw the clip, but I talked to someone who did and they said that it was like a little six second blast," Dunham continues. "They said that the rest of the bands all had a kind of poppy sound and we came in all heavy, like BOOM!"

Shallow, North Dakota's sonic "boom" will be levelling Call the Office tonight.

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