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Thursday, March 4, 1999


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Campus need not be confidential

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Campus need not be confidential

It's an employee's dream – getting to rate the boss and having it influence whether or not he or she has their contract renewed. This is pretty much the situation university faculty are in and hopefully, many of them will take advantage of the way it's being done.

Greg Moran, Western's VP-academic, is under review to decide whether or not he will be asked to consider working at the university for another term. His contract ends July 1, 2000.

Usually in a review process, a committee asks members of the Western community for comments on the performance of the person in question, but those comments are not necessarily confidential. This can lead to respondents feeling restricted in their submissions because conflict could arise if the person under review were to have their contract renewed.

The faculty association at Western has recently distributed a survey to professors, due back today, which asks them to anonymously rate the performance of Moran and whether or not they support his re-appointment. Faculty are therefore free to speak their minds without fear of future backlash. Hopefully this will provide the review committee with more information to base their decision upon than they have gathered in the past.

As long as comments from professors are constructive and not based on spite from past occurrences, the survey will aid the review process.

One concern about how the faculty association is conducting the survey, however, is its results may not be made public. This would be a disservice to faculty and other members of the university community if they could not find out what professors thought of the second most powerful member of Western administration.

Moran is a public figure on this campus and students have a huge stake in the decisions he makes every day because he deals with what people are here for – academics. Faculty may have an even larger stake in the portfolio of this vice-president and it is equally, if not more, important that they know what the general campus consensus is on his performance.

The faculty association has implemented a great idea in surveying its members, but if the results are not made public and are only seen by Moran's review committee, these efforts will be devalued.

The rest of campus has a right to know.

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