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Thursday, March 4, 1999


Reinforcing affiliate attitudes

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Reinforcing affiliate attitudes

Re: Shooting blanks, Feb. 9

To the Editor:
The pre-election Gazette editorial of Feb. 9 was well-worded. This year's presidential election lacked the energy characteristics of previous ones. My purpose in writing is not to register an opinion of who best suits the position, but to express my displeasure at The Gazette's treatment of one candidate's background.

I can appreciate the difficult position The Gazette is put in year after year as, realistically, the lone source of information for voters who want some insight into the platforms of candidates. Yet, in your treatment of Steve Zolis' background, The Gazette showed a callous disregard for the experience Steve received as an active member at King's College. The Gazette claims Steve's work on "minor committees" at King's hardly qualifies him for the rigours of the presidential portfolio.

I would argue Steve's experience places him on equal footing with all the other candidates this year. He was a Soph at King's for three years and aside from his reasons for leaving the position, Steve still organized a strong King's orientation program for '98. In addition, Steve's work with this year's homecoming committee on main campus proved that he could easily step into main campus and have an impact.

Your treatment of Steve's past only furthers an opinion that many affiliate students have had for a long while – that, for whatever reason, their communities pale in importance to the issues and concerns of "the big campus." The last time I checked, the portfolio read "University Students' Council president," with jurisdictions over all the other affiliate colleges. I think I speak for many Western students when I request that a more balanced representation of Western as a whole is done in the future by your staff. Your position at Western demands it.

Erik Mathisen
History III

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