Volume 92, Issue 83

Wednesday, March 5, 1999


The Concrete Beat

Opera workshop lets fat lady run loose in Talbot theatre

Good things come to Pelleys who wait

Sebadoh changes recipe

The Don of Touch and Go

Celebrity Sighting


Celebrity Sighting

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Let's make everything pretty, pretty, pretty! Upon hearing rumours Western is in fact a country club university, Martha Stewart picked Western's student housing as an ideal place to spread her classy culinary and home decor gospel. She popped by to teach students how to make truffles and decorative picture frames out of coat hangers, Kleenex and sparkles. Some of the more hardcore arts and crafters are convinced it was actually Artifex coordinator Marie Bennett, but the alleged Martha kept on cooking. Don't let this unconfirmed sighting deter you from contacting The Gazette with your own celebrity sightings.

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