Volume 92, Issue 83

Wednesday, March 5, 1999


American intervention

Time to pick up the litter

Predicted gloom and doom coming soon

American intervention

Re: United States military action

To the Editor:

All I want to know is why the United States gets all "trigger happy" when it comes to Iraq killing Kurds and violating the no-fly zone, but are on the sidelines when it comes to stopping the slaughtering of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo (who happen to be Muslim).

The Serbian president seems defiant in his stance to not allow international troops to monitor the peace deal. But does the U.S. immediately bomb Serbia in an all-out attack? No, they let as many innocent Muslim children die for as long as possible (in the name of diplomacy).

What I'm questioning is not diplomacy, but rather the double standard the U.S. seems to use when imposing their order on the world. Does the U.S. have a secret agenda on systematically destroying Muslims around the world or is the U.S. just plain stupid?

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