Volume 92, Issue 83

Wednesday, March 5, 1999


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Time to pick up the litter

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Time to pick up the litter

Re: Picking up litter

To the Editor:

Today I saw something on campus which both shocked and impressed me. I saw someone actually pick up some litter. I didn't ask him his name but I was so impressed I told him so. He noted there was a time when such a behaviour was not only unnoteworthy but unnecessary.

Litter on campus may seem a small or petty issue but I beg to differ. If you live in a pig sty it will almost certainly lower your self-esteem and result in more serious psycho pathological behaviour.

It is ironic that on this campus we have some of the best-dressed, best looking students in Canada, if not North America. So why don't we want a good looking, inspiringly aesthetic environment?

I propose every day each and everyone of us pick up at least one more piece of trash than we discard (If you don't litter that means just one little old piece). I propose we conduct this experiment the first week back from study/slack week.

Just five lousy days and I predict the result will be a clean, uplifting campus environment which will make us all feel better and actually improve the academic performance of all students.

Furthermore, I suggest the new University Students' Council consider adding the activity of having all Frosh participate in one afternoon during Orientation Week in helping to clean the university grounds. This would give all new students a personal investment in keeping the grounds clean and would provide an environment that could actually raise the level of self-esteem on this campus.

What do you say, eh?

Des Stutchbury
Special Student IV

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