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Tuesday, March 9, 1999


Sexy teen flick goes limp in Cruel Intentions

Off with their bloody heads, medieval dude

Underground sound

Underground sound

This band's story has a tone similar to a fairy-tale and will hopefully end with the same enchanted denouement.

After years of slaving away, working their fingernails to the bone, success and happiness has arrived at their doorstep. However, this Cinderella tale has a different twist – instead of scrubbing the floors on hands and knees, there was another talent required – involving a guitar, some vocals and even a little groove.

Cinderella is now played by Western's Zuul's Evil Disco and their Prince Charming is The Canadian Music Week, which chose them as their dancing partner for the ball, also known as The Juno Gala Party.

Zuul's spent the weekend in Toronto performing to a conglomerate of record label executives, as well as other members of the music industry, as they embarked on a tour of schmoozing in a surreal atmosphere.

"The whole thing seems a bit unreal," remarks James Leacock, Zuul's bass player. "I guess it just hasn't sunk in yet."

The band submitted a demo CD to the CMW and this opened the floodgates for their ensuing luck, as well as fortune. Zuul's is one of the 16 bands chosen for the sampler CD given out at the gala and was awarded The Rising Star Award for best new act by Southern Comfort, sponsor of the CD.

"This whole experience is making us start taking things seriously. We're becoming more focused and starting to think about the future. We're all taking next year off from school and work to devote our time to the band," Leacock states.

While they feel as though they're acting out a script for television, the band insists they will not allow these new events to alter their perceptions of the band's ideals. "We all have the same goal and we've been together for the past three years so not that much will change. Commercial success is great, but for us it's still about having fun no matter what comes as a bonus," Leacock says.

Sunday night the band performed a 20 minute set before members of the industry, including the songs from their latest release Funkalupatropolis. The band and their funked-up showcase were sure to bring a unique blend of sounds to the celebration of Canadian music.


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