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Tuesday, March 9, 1999


The Bible presents a hopeful future

All wisdom, yet still no faith

PCs and clones are the bomb

All wisdom, yet still no faith

Re: Don't rely on the word of the Bible, March 4

To the Editor:

Time for a bit of wit. I do want to be a better Christian. Remember, be open minded – don't just cling to whatever world view you've been taught.

Genesis 1:1-2:4 says God created vegetation, living creatures and man. An orderly, logical arrangement in the first chapter. No complaints from Warren anyways.

A little queasy with a Creator? Sorry. Here, hug the old alchemy of spontaneous generation for a moment. Soothe the mind – throw in a few billion years. OK. Genesis 2:5-2:25. As they say, take words out of context, add a few dots and Marx becomes capitalist. Warren did a fine job.

Christians say the second story creates no conflict. Separate glimpses preparing for the story about man in the garden. Hmm. First man, then the rest? God put man in the garden afterwards in my old Scripture. I say this is reasonable explanation.

Back to the word of Warren: conflicting myths, lacking coherence and unity. Wait a minute. A few questions, Warren. You believe in logic? Non-contradiction? Apparently you judge Christianity by some standard. Intriguing. You use laws of logic, but, uh, where do you get them from?

Are they absolute, transcendent, universal laws of logic or mere social conventions? What is the basis for your "rationality?" Have you discovered actual truth by empirical observation? Without faith? Or do you use the principle of induction? Just curious you see. With your aura of authority, it would be interesting to see you coherently support your use of logic. To be honest, I doubt you can.

All "sound and fury, signifying nothing?" Yes. As my Bible says "in their wisdom, they are fools."

Bill Van Doodewaard
Honours BA History '96

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